Ah, Fiji. One of the most tranquil places on earth. How do people remain so stress-free in Fji? They drink kava, known throughout the Pacific to relieve everyday stress. Kava offers calming physical effects, without clouding judgment or clarity. Which makes Taki Mai perfect for a relaxing break from the frayed nerves of everyday life. We are currently only shipping in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. For further enquiries on orders to other countries and product availabilities, please email us at chillout@takimai.com and we’d be happy to fill you in!

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5 O'Clock Somewhere

5 O'Clock Somewhere: The Mouth-Numbing Chill-Out Elixir that's Better than Booze

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New York's first kava bar...

New York’s first kava bar, Kavasutra, opens in the East Village serving sedative beverages

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Kava liquid gold

Kava liquid gold for Warriors

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